• Find Your Passion

    When You Don’t Know What to Do

    I rarely feel like I know exactly what I should do. In a day, I can go from video producer…

  • plan your projects

    It’s Not a Coincidence. It’s All in the Planning

    When I tell other artists about my love for planning my projects, I’m usually met with some awkward stares. Doesn’t…

  • Record Ideas

    How to Record Creative Ideas

    The most frustrating part of any creative process BY FAR is simply getting the ideas out of your head. You’re…

  • kickstart creativity

    5 Ways to Kickstart Your Creative Process

    Every artist has struggled at some point to get started on the next project. Whether it’s because your last project…

  • Choreography Feedback

    5 Tips for Giving Good Feedback

    This really goes without saying, but feedback in the arts is TOUGH. It’s touchy, it gets personal, and a lot…

  • interdisciplinary art

    Two Arts Are Better Than One

    I will always hold firm to the belief that the true beauty of art lies in what it can give…

  • Expression in Dance

    How to Be Expressive

    Expression in dance is one of my favorite things to talk about. Like artistry, expression brings movement to life. But…

  • choreography ideas

    What to Make a Dance About

    When choregraphing a dance, getting started is often the hardest part. Getting the initial idea for a project can be…

  • Choreograph with Confidence

    Choreograph with Confidence

    Creating art is entirely subjective: there is never a ‘right’ answer. While this is one of the most freeing and…

  • learning by critique

    Learning By Critique

    Every artist knows that critique is sticky. It’s tough to both give and take critique, and at times it can…