117: You Can Always Change Your Mind with guest Martin Percival | DLEW with Andrea Muhlbauer

117: You Can Always Change Your Mind with guest Martin Percival | DLEW with Andrea Muhlbauer
April 5, 2019 Andrea Muhlbauer
Martin Percival

A change in course is something that we often mistake for failure. But Martin Percival believes that if you have the courage to change direction, it could be one of the best decisions of your life.

Martin is a director of Irish Dance Theatre, a real estate agent, and the host of the Irish Dance Podcast. From being an accomplished professional Irish dancer to opening a studio, co-founding a dance company, and eventually becoming a real estate agent, Martin’s career journey has been anything but stagnant. Join us on this episode as we dive into two of the most important concepts to Martin’s career: knowing your strengths, and knowing that you can ALWAYS change your mind.

Check out Martin’s work at theirishdancepodcast.com and irishdancetheatre.com

Former dancer with Riverdance, Dancing on Dangerous Ground and principal dancer with Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance.

Martin Percival was highly successful as a competitive Irish Dancer after starting at the age of five. Under the expert tutelage of Deirdre McAleer ADCRG, Martin attained many titles including All-England and Great Britain Champion. He was runner up at the All-Ireland and was ranked third in the World.

During his performance career, Martin’s credits include: Dance AV, Spirit of the Dance, Lord of the Dance, Dancing on Dangerous Ground and Riverdance. His television credits include: Alas!Smith and Jones, Johnathan Ross, The Big Breakfast to name a but a few.

Upon moving to Denver, Martin opened a competitive Irish Dance school and taught successfully for 10 years, co-founded a professional Irish Dance company – Strictly Irish and is highly sought after as a choreographer and world class adjudicator for Irish Dance competitions.

Together with Máire Clerkin, Martin wrote, choreographed, directed an produced a small ensemble piece entitled: Tom Crean’s Journey: An Irish Dance Expedition that was showcased at the Tom Crean International Festival in Ireland. Martin has hopes to bring this engaging piece about an Irish hero of the Scott and Shackleton Antarctic expeditions to the States as soon as possible.

Collaborating with Ciara Sexton to found Irish Dance Theatre has been the most rewarding artistic endeavor to date and he is excited for the mission and future of the company.

The Irish Dance Podcast is an excellent way for Martin Percival to connect with members of the Irish Dance community and celebrate the many talented people involved.

Photo Credit on Martin’s Headshot: Mark Ross Photography

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