116: All the World’s a Sale with guest Corey Dissin | DLEW with Andrea Muhlbauer

116: All the World’s a Sale with guest Corey Dissin | DLEW with Andrea Muhlbauer
March 12, 2019 Andrea Muhlbauer
Corey Dissin

As an artist or a creative, it’s easy to think that you understand your job title. Corey is here to change your perspective.

Corey Dissin is the Vice President and General Manager at Propulsion Media Labs, and he is passionate about helping others to achieve their dreams. From writing e-books to hosting his own podcast, Corey is doing everything he can to get you motivated. On this episode, Corey shares his recipe for success, addressing the importance of hard work and sales, maximizing your time by having a system, and dealing with failure by… punching it in the face.

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Corey Dissin. Media Manager. Motivator. Mentor.

For over 25 years, Corey has been a driving force in the broadcast media and advertising production biz. As the Vice President and General Manager at Propulsion Media Labs, he continues to be the catalyst and creative influence behind an endless collection of TV spots, radio commercials, web videos and voice-overs with a hands-on work ethic that has generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue from clients all over the US. As a nationally-recognized voice over authority, Corey commands and employs extensive experience in marketing, casting, directing and recording voice talent.

Corey has been repeatedly invited to address several regional colleges and high schools, preaching the value of sweat equity and the principles of professionalism, no matter the industry. Corey has embraced the privilege of coaching amateur athletes of all ages, and takes pride in his ability to teach the benefits of tireless hard work, mental-toughness and leadership. As a social media influencer, Corey shares his brand of common-sense, tough-love and career help content with thousands of followers.

Corey is the architect of a long-standing and successful internship program at Propulsion Media Labs. He engineered the infrastructure and recruitment process from the ground up by attending career fairs, guest-speaking to classes of all sizes, creating compelling promotional materials and developing all of the registration information and employment policies. Corey’s trusted network of professors/advisors/administrators at regional colleges and high schools has enabled him to guide students through all facets of their educational journey. Some of those students have gone on to work at media giants like CBS, ABC, QVC, A&E, and ESPN. Others have transitioned to full time employment with Corey at Propulsion Media Labs. Over the years, Corey has made a concerted effort to extend his mentorship beyond the bounds of Propulsion, informally advising entry-level job seekers, career transitioners, entrepreneurs and small business owners around the Philadelphia metro area

Learn more about Corey Dissin at www.coreydissin.com

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