114: Do It with Style with guest Heather Booysen | DLEW with Andrea Muhlbauer

114: Do It with Style with guest Heather Booysen | DLEW with Andrea Muhlbauer
February 6, 2019 Andrea Muhlbauer
Heather Booysen

When you want to set yourself apart from your competition, there are a lot of different approaches you can take. But to Heather Booysen, there’s only one thing that matters: your style.

Heather is a dancer turned photographer who artfully combines her love and knowledge of dance with her passion for photography. From taking online courses to playing around with editing software, Heather taught herself how to take stunning photographs, build a client base, and set herself apart from her competition by creating a style of images that are unique to her. On this episode, Heather shares her process for creating her blog Dance Legends Recaptured, how she leads her dance photography sessions, and her best advice for soaking up as much information as you can.

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Heather Booysen started her dance training in the suburbs of Chicago, and went on to graduate from SUNY Buffalo, with her BFA in Dance in 2004. After college, Heather performed as a Production Dancer for Carnival Cruise Lines as well as a dancer with The Cartier Collective in Chicago. After moving to Virginia in 2010, she established herself as both a dance teacher and a family and dance photographer. Working as a dance teacher for many years, she has been able to fine tune her craft and blend her passions of dance and photography with Movement In Motion Photography.  She is able to capture the dancer creating beautiful shapes that express the passion and talent of each. Her work represents the organic movement in motion of the dancers she photographs. Heather is also currently working on a photography collection honoring dance legends with her blog, Dance Legends Recaptured.  

Learn more about Heather at heatherbooysenphotography.com or movementinmotionphotography.com

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