112: Building a Business with guest Niki Riga | DLEW with Andrea Muhlbauer

112: Building a Business with guest Niki Riga | DLEW with Andrea Muhlbauer
January 4, 2019 Andrea Muhlbauer
Niki Riga DLEW

How do I succeed? What if I fail? These are the two biggest questions any entrepreneur faces. And today, Niki Riga is answering BOTH of them.

Niki Riga is the owner of Flex Fusion, a community-based fitness studio that she built from the ground up. On this episode, she shares what she believes is the driving force of Flex Fusion’s success, the hardest hurdle she had to overcome in creating Flex Fusion AND how she beat it, and her advice for deciding if you’re ready to be an entrepreneur.

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For Niki Riga, opening studio was a lifelong dream that evolved many times in its journey. In kindergarten, she matter-of-factly stated that she would be a dance teacher, and in high school she started saving for her future studio. Niki even graduated with degrees in dance and business and created a “Business for Dance Teachers” self-study course while enrolled to better prepare. After managing her first dance studio senior year, she felt like it was time but then a wrench was thrown in- Niki and her husband were moving to California.  When she moved to California from Alaska, she taught at incredible dance studios all over the bay, but accidentally fell in love with barre fitness. After becoming an instructor, the studio in her head began to develop into what it is today. After years of studying other classes and studios, she found that what she was looking for was a real sense of community and a place to stay active in a variety of fitness modalities. With that, Flex Fusion took its present shape.

Niki has been a barre and fitness instructor in the bay area for years, but before she found barre she had taught dance since she was 16 years old. She loves teaching because it is a truly fulfilling lifestyle. No matter the age or the style, she is happiest in the studio helping students and clients reach their next level. She believes that fitness is a vital part of our daily lives and tried to create a place that was founded first in community and celebrates the joy that comes from helping each other grow every class. She feels so privileged to meet and work with every single person who enters the Flex Fam and has loved the challenge of building a brand in the tough boutique studio industry.

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