111: Just Do Things – How to Make a Career Change Work with guest Billy Kanaly | DLEW with Andrea Muhlbauer

111: Just Do Things – How to Make a Career Change Work with guest Billy Kanaly | DLEW with Andrea Muhlbauer
December 21, 2018 Andrea Muhlbauer
Billy Kanaly

Taking up a new art form or even a new side project can be intimidating. And switching careers? Terrifying! But as Billy Kanaly shows us, it is definitely NOT impossible. And it may be exactly what you need.

Billy is an irish dancer turned filmmaker who never let himself stay stagnant. On this episode, he shares his rocky journey from touring with Riverdance to shooting a reality TV show, the challenge of discovering what he wanted to do with his life when nothing seemed to fit, and his best advice for how to make a career switch WORK.

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Billy Kanaly was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. He found his life passion at the age of 6 when his parents took him to see the Broadway show, Riverdance. From that point on he was hooked on Irish dancing. He began taking classes at the Reed school of Irish dance and quickly advanced to competing at the highest level. While he enjoyed competition, he really just could not wait to be old enough to audition for professional shows. Two weeks after turning 18 he traveled to Dublin, Ireland where he auditioned for the show that started it all for him, Riverdance. A few months later Billy’s dreams came true and he began touring with with the show. After 5 years he had performed on 4 continents for hundreds of thousands of people.   
In between tours, Billy was also taking classes at the University of Colorado. Eventually he settled on film and television as a major. But before he could finish school he couldn’t help but do a few more tours with Riverdance and the new show Rockin’ Road to Dublin. It took 9 years of touring and schooling, but eventually Billy graduated.
Since then Billy has worked on numerous film projects, including a behind the scenes web series for Rockin’ Road to Dublin.

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