073: Be Unapologetically YOU with guest Harper Watters | Dance Like Everyone’s Watching with Andrea Muhlbauer

073: Be Unapologetically YOU with guest Harper Watters | Dance Like Everyone’s Watching with Andrea Muhlbauer
December 30, 2017 Andrea Muhlbauer
Harper Watters

On this episode of DLEW, I talk with Harper Watters of Houston Ballet and The Pre Show.

Two years ago, Harper put on a pair of bright pink heels and danced on a treadmill. That seemingly small action was a huge turning point in Harper’s life. Today, he’s using his heels to empower individuals and shed light on what it means to be a dancer.

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Harper Watters is a Demi Soloist with the Houston Ballet, one of the top 5 largest professional ballet companies in the US. In 2011 he won the prestigious Prix De Lausanne and in 2015 he won the Princess Grace Award for Dance Achievement. He’s worked with leading choreographers such as George Balanchine, Wayne McGregor, William Forsythe and tony award winner Christopher Wheeldon. He’s performed on international stages in Guatemala, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, and in numerous US cities. He’s accumulated over 136 thousand followers with his Instagram and created the web series ’The Pre Show’ which highlights the behind the scenes stage life of professional dancers on his YouTube channel. His videos have been featured on Huffington Post, Marie Clare, and Logo. His social media presence has allowed him to work with photographers such as Mike Ruiz, Gerardo Vizmanos, and Ryan Pfluger for the NewYorker. He’s been featured in the pages of fashion magazine ‘Risk Magazine’ as well as ‘Dance Magazine’ and ‘Pointe Magazine’. He has a passion for being bold and for unapologetically being himself, as evidenced not only in his onstage dancing but in is viral heel treadmill videos as well. Not your typical classical ballet dancer, he’s proud to standout and hopes to collaborate with people, brands, and artists, who aren’t afraid to either.

Dance Like Everyone’s Watching with Andrea Muhlbauer is the show that brings you inspiration and insight into the world of dance and choreography. Andrea and her amazing guests, today’s top dance artists, bring you behind the scenes into the world of creating dance.

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