064: Influence and Inspiration with guest Morgan Hicks | Dance Like Everyone’s Watching with Andrea Muhlbauer

064: Influence and Inspiration with guest Morgan Hicks | Dance Like Everyone’s Watching with Andrea Muhlbauer
November 1, 2017 Andrea Muhlbauer
Morgan Hicks

On this episode of DLEW, I talk with Morgan Hicks of Dixon Dance Studio.

If you take the time to really look around, you’re surrounded by things and ideas that influence the work you create. From the people you meet, to your inspiration, to your seemingly unrelated interests, everything about you and your life has an influence on your work. What are your influences?

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Morgan Kate Hicks is a California-based dancer, teacher and choreographer.  She received her B.A. in Dance from the University of California San Diego, where she co-created the collaboration-based company, Collective Dance Collective (CDC). After completing her degree, Morgan moved to New York City where she co-created We Just Love Things, a fully crowd-sourced, interactive dance experience and NOTunSURE, an evening of dance, music and theatre. During her time in NYC she performed and presented work at Gowanus Loft, The Ailey Citigroup Theater, City Center Studios and Center for Performance Research. As a performer she has danced under the direction of Max Stone, The Next Stage Project, Chris Herde, Miguel Gutierrez, Allyson Green and former Bill T. Jones rehearsal director Eric Geiger.

Morgan first began teaching at the age of sixteen and since then has served as a faculty member at the Academy of Performing Arts – San Diego, UC San Diego Recreation and Dixon Dance Studio. She has taught beginning to intermediate levels of tap, jazz, ballet and contemporary to ages 3 to adult. She collaborated with the Arts and Design Academy at Dixon High School to help them create a dance that would illustrate the physics principles they had learned throughout the year.

Her style takes movement from the ballet, jazz, modern, and post-modern contemporary canons, emphasizing athleticism, musicality, and a healthy dash of playfulness. Currently, she enjoys creating work that explores joy, celebration, wonder and all things that make us radiate with happiness.

Morgan Hicks is currently back on faculty at her hometown studio, Dixon Dance Studio in Dixon, CA as well as assisting them with their marketing. In addition to that, she is coaching the Dance team at Dixon High school.

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