067: The Effect of Movement with guest Malinda LaVelle | Dance Like Everyone’s Watching with Andrea Muhlbauer

067: The Effect of Movement with guest Malinda LaVelle | Dance Like Everyone’s Watching with Andrea Muhlbauer
November 22, 2017 Andrea Muhlbauer
Malinda LaVelle

On this episode of DLEW, I talk with Malinda LaVelle of Project Thrust.

From the creative process to communicating ideas and experiences, dance and movement can have an incredible effect on people. We’re used to thinking about how we can affect an audience through movement, but as dancers, we get to see a completely different side of the effect dance: the benefits of MOVING creatively. But Malinda questions: why are dancers the only ones who get to see the benefits of dancing and moving expressively?

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Malinda LaVelle graduated with a BFA in Dance from the University of Arizona and she is an alumna of the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance under the direction of Summer Lee Rhatigan. Malinda is the founding artistic director of Project Thrust and the company’s work has been presented at venues in the bay area and in the southwestern region of the United States. Malinda has participated in various artist residencies and has been commissioned to choreograph by the University of San Francisco. She has been awarded grants from the Zellerbach Family Foundation, Theater Bay Area (CA$H), and the ODC Kenneth Rainin Scholarship Fund. In 2012, Malinda developed “Jam Class” at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance, which was featured in Dance Magazine and has been taught regularly in the training programs at SFCD. Malinda has performed with Alex Ketley, Manuelito Biag, and 20 Moons Dance Theater and she was awarded two Isadora Duncan Awards for her work performing with Alex Ketley’s The Foundry. In 2014, Project Thrust’s work “Kingdom” was nominated for an Isadora Duncan Award in the category of Outstanding Achievement in Performance for a Company. As a teacher, Malinda has taught at SFCD, Ballet Durango, and the Southwest Safehouse (a domestic violence shelter for women and children). Malinda is currently pursuing her M.A. in Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling at Antioch University New England.

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