Two Arts Are Better Than One

Two Arts Are Better Than One
June 20, 2017 Andrea Muhlbauer
interdisciplinary art

I will always hold firm to the belief that the true beauty of art lies in what it can give people. When art connects and communicates with people, it can allow people to have new experiences, feel new emotions, see a new perspective, and even come to terms with difficulties in their own lives. And the really beautiful thing about the arts is that no one art form is the best at connecting and communicating with people; every art form has something unique to bring to the table. That’s why creating interdisciplinary art can be one of the most POWERFUL tools an artist has for communicating and connecting with their audience.

Different people are able to connect more deeply with different art forms, so it makes sense that creating interdisciplinary pieces of art can allow artists to reach larger audiences. But the truly amazing thing that collaborative projects can do is create a more immersive experience than one art form could accomplish on its own. Different art forms appeal to not only different senses, but also different ways of thinking and feeling; creating a melting pot of several different art forms will form several lines of communication with your audience, allowing for a completely immersive, powerful experience.

If you stop to think about it, interdisciplinary art is all around you. Even the most basic dance performance is likely a partnership between movement and music, and it’s clear that the movement can bring out the best in the music and vice versa. The fantastic melting pot of artistic elements is one of the reasons that I love dance film so much; it’s a tight-knit collaboration between the music, movement, videography, video editing, and the environment. Because of this, dance film can appeal to people who love dance or people who love videos, or even people who just love stories.

I truly believe that there are no two art forms that can’t work together. So my challenge to YOU this summer is to find a new way to mix up your art form. Find someone new to work with and create something you never expected! Creating interdisciplinary art is an amazing tool for connecting with an audience, and it’s never too early to get started.

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