038: Create Every Day with guest Wade Madsen | Dance Like Everyone’s Watching with Andrea Muhlbauer

038: Create Every Day with guest Wade Madsen | Dance Like Everyone’s Watching with Andrea Muhlbauer
April 10, 2017 Andrea Muhlbauer
Wade Madsen

On this episode of DLEW, I talk with Wade Madsen, Professor of Dance at Cornish College of the Arts.

This episode is perfect for ANY choreographer who wants to become a BETTER artist… As a choreographer, Wade has created an INCREDIBLE amount of work and has an amazing amount of knowledge and wisdom under his belt. Tune in to hear how Wade became the successful dance artist that he is today, and how YOU can start on your own path to success.

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Cornish College of the Arts Professor, Dancer, Actor, Choreographer, Wade Madsen has been on dance faculty at Cornish College of the Arts for over 34 years and he continues teaching classes at Velocity Dance Center, in Seattle. A former touring member of the Bill Evans Dance Company, Tandy Beal & Company, and the Dayna Hanson performance group. Wade, a Seattle resident for nearly forty years, has received choreographic grants and fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts; Washington State, King County, and Seattle Arts Commissions; Artist’s Trust; and Allied Arts. Madsen has self produced as Wade Madsen and dancers since 1977 and has commissioned in the Allegro  dance festival for over thirteen years. His work has been produced with  Seattle Dance Project, On the Boards, Bumbershoot, Rockhopper Dance, d-9 dance collective, Spectrum, Dance Gallery, Bellingham Repertory, and Composer/Choreographer. Madsen’s work has also been seen at ACT, Seattle Rep, and Seattle Shakespeare Ensemble, and Seattle Opera. Wade has over 180 works to his credit ranging from the sublime explorations of the fragility of humanity as in, ‘The Waiting Line’ to the epic and outrageous, ‘…Cannot be Undone’, his latest work based on Macbeth. Wade most recently added to his credits of parts played, God, Jesus, Shakspeare, a ghost, a Nun, a prehistoric Turkey, and himself, in the film by Dayna Hanson, ‘The Improvement Club’.

Dance Like Everyone’s Watching with Andrea Muhlbauer is the show that brings you inspiration and insight into the world of dance and choreography. Andrea and her amazing guests are saying the things that no one else will. D.L.E.W. will tackle the MAJOR problems facing dance and the arts: the diminishing of audiences, the rise of new technologies, and the loss of artistic purpose. Slightly controversial opinions and real talk are guaranteed.
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