Tell Universal Stories

Tell Universal Stories
November 23, 2016 Andrea Muhlbauer
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If you know me at all, you know I’m obsessed with artists communicating with their audiences. I talk about it ALL the TIME. But sometimes I get too excited about why communicating with your audience is important, and I forget to mention HOW. These next few articles are going to be a series of tips on how to communicate better with your audience. I’ll post a new tip every week. Take them or leave them – find out what works for you. And if you REALLY want to become a better artist, take on this challenge…

Every week, create a bite-sized piece (learn more about bite-sized pieces here) that focuses on the tip of the week. The only way to become a better artist is through practice!


No matter how specific the story for your piece is, find a way to root it in a universal story. If your piece is about someone’s boyfriend cheating on them, not every person in your audience has had that experience. They won’t be able to connect to that surface level story. What everyone has experienced at some point in their lives is a betrayal of trust.

By rooting your specific story in a universal, emotional story, you are ensuring that your audience will be able to connect with your piece. Not only does this give the piece more meaning in the eyes of the audience, it allows audience members to experience the piece rather than watch it. A person who has never personally experienced infidelity in their own life is able to experience it through art. That’s how you give something to your audience. Through this experience, you can communicate anything to your audience. You can give them a new perspective or a new idea, BECAUSE you’ve given them an experience.

Stay tuned for Tip #2 next week…

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