Creative Inspiration – A Myth Debunked

Creative Inspiration – A Myth Debunked
October 12, 2016 Andrea Muhlbauer
creative inspiration

Every artist wants to have good ideas. Good ideas are the lifeblood of the arts. But where’s an artist to get the amazing idea that will make their work unique? The idea that will blow their audience and their peers away? Most artists turn to creative inspiration.

Let’s talk about inspiration. The definition of inspiration: “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.” The problem with creative inspiration is that it relies on an outside force to come in and stimulate your thoughts or feelings BEFORE you even start creating. Here’s the truth, guys: if you sincerely want to be an artist, you can’t wait around for creative inspiration. If you want an excuse NOT to create, then waiting around for inspiration is great. If you want to be a great artist, waiting for creative inspiration is NOT your friend.

Creative inspiration is not your friend because you can’t control it. You can’t practice inspiration, you can’t decide when to be inspired. That means that you have no control over when or how often you can actually practice creating. Some artists believe that you can coax inspiration, and they’ve developed habits and methods to help them ‘get inspired.’ But here’s the problem: you STILL can’t control it. You don’t get to decide when to create or even the quality of the idea because you’re still waiting around for outside stimulation. What’s worse, in the amount of time you’ll spend trying to find inspiration, you could be practicing your skills for creating art.

I’m going to tell you something that every artist needs to hear: The inspiration for your work is NOT what makes your work special. What makes your art special is the work you put into crafting it. It’s your passion, your dedication, your hard work, your ideas, your decisions, your skill, and your technique that make your work special. So it’s time to stop spending time trying to get inspired and start spending your time on things that will improve the quality of your art.

You don’t need creative inspiration to make something amazing. YOU are the artist, YOU are the one creating the piece. Take full responsibility for it, and take full credit for it! You don’t need some outside stimulation to make you into an amazing artist. YOU are what’s going to make you into an amazing artist. So STOP depending on meditation, put down the inspirational dream journal, and START practicing how you can be a better artist.


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